Haven't we all heard amazing stories from missionaries and wondered why those same miracles don’t happen for us? Dr. Stott not only shares incredible miracle stories, but also teaches through the Scripture how we can all experience the miraculous in everyday life. Following the story of Jesus' first miracle, Jerry uncovers 7 key, scriptural principles that will position your life and ministry to experience more miracles.

About The Book

POSITIONED for Miracles is for YOU! Using the story of Jesus' first miracle - turning water into wine - Jerry walks through 7 key principles for seeing more miracles in your life and ministry. There are also key chapters on how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and the importance of praying with other tongues.

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Dr. Glenn Burris, President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, writes the forward, "Positioned for Miracles has come to us right on time! In this contemporary age of uncertainty and global unrest, Dr. Jerry Stott profoundly states that, “God is calling His Church to arise, to awaken from its slumber.”

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NEW! Workbook

Many churches have told us they are using the book for group study. After many requests we put together a companion workbook to be used for further individual or group study. POSITIONED for Miracles has so much scripture and insight,  the workbook is designed to help you get the most form this important book.

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The Story of the Blind Man

"I watched the white cane sliding side to side, like a divining rod coming toward me. Its owner was a middle-aged man whose blank stare only confirmed the obvious: He was totally blind. Our church here in the States had been experiencing healings on a regular basis. But this was the first blind person to enter our doors. I would encounter many more in later ministry, but this was the first time, and I wasn’t prepared. My heart sank. Fear was slugging it out with faith. If this was a ten round prize fight, my faith staggered for the first four. My mind raced through passages in the Bible that involved the blind. The one I focused on was where Jesus spit in the dirt and applied mud to the blind man’s eyes. A bottle of mud in the room would have been nice. I did have anointing oil, so I put it over his eyes and prayed. Have you ever prayed a prayer that you didn’t want to end, because then you’d have to open your eyes and face a harsh reality? But when my prayer ended, something extraordinary happened.  The blind man fell to the floor. A good time to turn and pray for others, I thought. Maybe the crowd wouldn’t notice if the blind man was healed or not.   Find out what happened next  >>>


POSITIONED for Miracles can be ordered online in soft cover or E-Book version from your favorite online bookstore..  The Workbook is  available in soft cover.   Bulk Discounts for resellers or group study are available for both book and workbook from the publisher.