Jerry and Julie are people who walk in the Spirit and are great at being led by the Spirit as they minister daily. I have heard of great revivals they have been part of in Indonesia and the Pacific Islands in the recent past. My heart is in full expectation to both witness and partner with them in their great ministry followed with signs, great wonders and awesome miracles.  Jerry writes this book not out of borrowed ideas and information. He rather talks heart to heart about what he is personally experiencing daily. His intention for writing is very clear. It's not to "show off " but to rejoice with us and to teach and motivate us to move in the same unction and anointing. I am greatly blessed by this writing. You will find it difficult to put this book down once you start reading it. I advise you to do it in one sitting. I recommend this book for edification, motivation and Holy Ghost inspiration.
Dr. Leslie Keegel
Foursquare National Leader, Sri Lanka
Co-chair, Foursquare Global Council

I’m so grateful for my decades-long friendship with Jerry and Julie Stott and I have long-awaited this book. As Jerry ministered as a pastor and now as a missionary, God worked and continues to work in supernatural ways resulting in healings, deliverance, signs, and wonders. I am personally aware of some of what you will read from Jerry’s pastoral ministry. I have been with some of those in other nations whose stories you will read and I have met with leaders and some converts of the miracle conversion of the John Frum Cargo Cult. I’m convinced that Jerry has much to teach us as he shares the glorious, the confusing, the frustrating, and the embarrassing in his pursuit of God’s miracle-working power—yet you will find that he does so with vulnerability and wonder. My prayer is simple: May this book encourage each one of us to pursue a deeper personal relationship with God; may each of us have greater faith for miracles of healing, repentance, and deliverance; and may we make room and give opportunity for God to supernaturally work among the people we serve, whenever and however we gather.

Dr. James C. Scott Jr.
Director, Foursquare Missions International
Vice President, Foursquare Global Church Operations

Do we live in days of the miraculous? Yes! We most certainly do and Dr. Jerry Stott has much to share with us. God has called Jerry to experience and minister His miraculous touch to thousands in many nations. Jerry is a trusted and personal friend and I’m so glad that he is sharing with us not only inspiring and encouraging stories, but also practical advice on how each of us might position ourselves so that God, the miracle worker, may supernaturally transform others through us. Please receive my friend, Dr. Jerry, as a friend, teacher, and prompter as he walks with you in this important book.

Dr. Ted Vail
Director of Foursquare Missions International

It has been our privilege to work on this project with our good friend Dr. Jerry Stott. Even as active missionaries living in Papua New Guinea, our lives have been impacted and our faith challenged to believe for greater manifestations of the power of God. As we helped edit the original text, the truths presented constantly reinforced our faith and commitment to serve God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Through true stories and biblical examples Dr. Stott has managed to highlight key principles that position us for miracles. It would be hard to read this book without being challenged to a higher level of faith and expectation.

Drs. Steve and Brooke Highlander
Founders of Christianity in the Third Millennium (C3M) Ministries

I have just finished reading this book and can't wait to read it a second and third time. Because I have known Jerry and Julie as well as their children for over 20 years, I can wholeheartedly tell you that these stories are real and their love for this subject is infectious. I love how the book is filled with scripture, personal stories, teachings and how Jerry's honest thoughts and real personality comes through his writing. Jerry is a passionate and sensitive man that loves Jesus and wants the Church to know Him and ALL the power of the Holy Spirit. Rarely can Jerry speak of these things without tears flowing down his cheeks. Thank you Jerry and Julie for sharing your life, heart and passion with so many. We are honored to serve Jesus with you for such a time as this! Thank you for this book!!

Rev. Melinda Scott
Assistant to the Director,
Foursquare Missions International

It’s been said, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your past, present and your future.” I’ve known Jerry since 2004 when we first were introduced to one another in Canberra, Australia where we both were speaking at a Foursquare conference. Since then, my wife Lisa and I consider Jerry and Julie Stott some of our dearest friends.  Every time I get around Jerry, he’s sharing about an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on hundreds of teenagers in Indonesia, or a miraculous encounter amongst indigenous tribes in a remote village that civilization and time have forgotten, or a dead man being raised to life. The Spirit’s miraculous power seems to follow Jerry everywhere he goes and it inspires me to want to contend for nothing less.  That’s why I am so excited about this book—because he is finally putting to paper all that he has seen and done and is sharing this with us. I’m sure this book will be just a “Part 1” because there will be much more to write in the days and years to come, because I believe Jesus is just getting started with Jerry and Julie. I’m so honored to call them friends! ​

Mike Kai,
Senior Pastor, Inspire Church Hawaii

If you want miracles to happen in your life and ministry, "Positioned for Miracles" was written for you! In this magnificently-woven written tapestry of scriptural teaching, effective demonstration, and transparent emotion, Dr. Jerry Stott clearly presents what it takes to live a life of miracles. From the practical to the spiritual, and from the human to the supernatural, this book will both convince you that God wants every believer to receive and minister in power, and teach you how to make the necessary changes to release the power of God. When we first became senior pastors, Jerry Stott was our overseer. The church that he and Julie pastored was known for healings and miracles, so we're not surprised that these signs followed them onto the mission field. But we also want to affirm that Jerry and Julie are people of character. They practice what they preach, serve humbly, and exude God’s love for people. We highly recommend "Positioned for Miracles."

Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann
Senior Pastors of The Rock, a multi-site  Foursquare church based in
Anaheim, California. Kimberly also serves as the Supervisor of
the Southwest District of Foursquare Churches