Foreword To POSITIONED for Miracles

The need for divine intervention in our nation and world is at a critical level, and we as believers must begin to recognize the vital partnership we have by God’s design to become His conduits of grace and healing. In this remarkable and insightful book, Dr. Stott gives us both the spiritual principles and the practical steps we all need in order to be “Positioned for Miracles.

Drawn from the Gospel of John, Chapter 2, we are given 7 principles that enable us to become an empowered people who see the release of God’s Spirit at work to transform circumstances and individual lives. Beginning with The Position of Humility and moving through each of the other six miracle ingredients (as the author calls them), we become immersed in truth and instructed well in these vital principles—Humility, Obedience, Giving, Receiving, Expecting, Believing and Serving.

The following statement particularly struck me, “Being ‘positioned’ for miracles in your life is ultimately about a lifestyle. You can’t turn it on and off. You must decide if you want to live a life that sees God do Kingdom of God, in the words of the late John Wimber, ‘stuff.’ You must desire to walk in faith, live a life pleasing to Him, and be willing to risk, even fail. There is no secret formula.”

I have known Dr. Jerry Stott for a number of years and have always been impacted by his passion and his vision for the lost. In this book, he shares with us many personal accounts that testify of his walk, his struggles, and his victories because of God’s powerful intervention in his own life and in the life of those he serves. It is his openly transparent communication about his own journey that drew me instantly to identify with him and, thus, to consider my own walk of faith and quest for a Spirit-empowered life.

It is the poignant awareness quickened by the Holy Spirit that draws us ever closer to Christ and His divine call. All miracles – every miraculous intervention – are sovereign acts that bring heaven to earth; it is God’s divine design. AND one of the greatest miracles is that it is HIS purposed plan to bring us into this redemption story—first, to be redeemed; then, to become His agents of miraculous intervention!

This book is about the miraculous intervention of God and about our purposed partnership in the grand design of Kingdom transformation on this earth.

In closing, it must not go without mention that Dr. Jerry Stott personifies the qualities and miracle ingredients about which he speaks. Proverbs 4:23 is the scripture verse that comes to mind when I think of his life and testimony and speaks of his integrity: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (NIV)

This book is the outcome, and we are richer for it!

Dr. Glenn C. Burris,
President, The Foursquare Church
August 18, 2015